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Santa Ana is the second largest city in Orange County in terms of population. More than 330,000 people call this home. However, the city is wracked by a high poverty rate (17.2%) which contributed to a host of other social problems. There are alcohol and drug rehab Santa Ana that can help you or your loved one turn in a new leaf.

Nobody is really immune from the drug crisis the United States is facing. Go around and talk to people, they will likely have a family member, friend, acquaintance, or personally know someone who is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. Drug and alcohol treatment centers Santa Ana are also more common than you think.

You can also attend AA meetings Santa Ana or NA meetings in Santa Ana at no cost. These are peer support groups that will help recovering patients deal with the cravings, as well as the daily triggers that could push the addicted individual back toward their old habits. Unlike private centers offering alcohol rehab Santa Ana, the sessions are free.

It’s suggested, however, that the alcohol-dependent must undergo detox Santa Ana to flush out the toxins. Medical detox Santa Ana will help manage the withdrawal symptoms, which can turn deadly without doctor’s supervision. The Santa Ana treatment center can provide you with the Santa Ana aa meeting schedule or you can browse online for local groups in your area.

According to the NeighborhoodScout, the city has an average crime rate of 25.74 percent per 1,000 population. The violent crime rate, meanwhile, is 4.83 per 1,000 residents, or slightly higher compared to the average in the state. The city is assessed to be 24% safer than other cities.The National Council on Drug Use said that although poverty doesn’t necessarily push a person to addiction, the dire situation is considered a risk factor. It’s a way for the individual to cope with problems or stress. In most cases, drug trafficking is also seen as a means to earn a living, as well as support the habit.

Learn About the Commonly Abused Substances in Santa Ana, CA

At least 115 people die daily due to an opioids overdose, the National Institute on Drug Abuse said. Prescription painkillers, heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl are among the most commonly abused opioids that have caused accidental deaths. Fentanyl, for instance, is a relatively new drug to hit the streets, which is especially dangerous because of how potent it is.

A rehab center Santa Ana has a good success rate of helping people with opioid dependency, including Fentanyl. Drug traffickers have been cutting fentanyl and selling it as heroin. The problem is that it’s 50 times stronger and just a few grams can send your system into overdrive. Santa Ana is not insulated from this problem. It’s facing the same crisis as the rest of the United States.

Most of the cases accepted by drug rehab centers in Santa Ana are patients abusing meth, heroin, crack cocaine, cocaine, marijuana, fentanyl, and other opioids and opiates. Alcohol abuse, however, is another challenge faced by rehabs in Santa Ana. Data revealed that six people die every day due to alcohol-related issue (this includes alcohol poisoning). That trend is true for most cities, Santa Ana included.

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Issues Specific to Santa Ana, CA

The number of hospital visits due to drug and alcohol abuse has been increasing in Santa Ana. This was revealed by the Drug and Alcohol Morbidity and Mortality in Orange County study. In 2013, the number of patients who were sent to the emergency room was 389. This increased to 403 the next year, and 415 in 2015. The situation is not as bad as, say Anaheim or Huntington Beach, but Santa Ana is still right up there in terms of the drug problem.

The survey was commissioned by the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department and the OC Health Care Agency. Santa Ana drug rehab centers are available to help people with a substance abuse problem regain their normal lives.

Substance Abuse in Santa Ana, CA and State Colleges

The colleges in Santa Ana, as in most of the cities in Orange County and California, in general, are not immune from illicit drugs and alcohol.

Orange County has noted a marked rise in the number of cases of young people 18 years old and above who suffered from major depression. Accordingly, since 2005, the number of major depressive disorders ballooned 83%. Depression is one of the common denominators in dual diagnosis cases being treated by the Santa Ana rehab centers.

In the county, more than 5,000 people are sent to the emergency rooms due to alcohol poisoning or drug overdose. This results in 600 deaths every year. Impaired driving due to drugs and alcohol is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths for college students. In Santa Ana, the casualty rate is 83.5 per 100,000 population.

A 2012 survey among the youth in Orange County revealed that 6 in 10 of people between 18-24 years old have used alcohol in the past year. Meanwhile, 4 in 10 of them have engaged in binge drinking in the past month.

For drugs, marijuana is the most popular and cocaine a far second. But party drugs, meth, prescription opioids, heroin, are also routinely used and abused. Despite these alarming numbers, only a few substance abusers are actually enrolled in rehabilitation facilities in Santa Ana.

Types of Treatment for Substance Abuse in Santa Ana, CA

Rehab facilities in Santa Ana area adopting well-established treatment methods to help patients achieve sobriety. Drug rehab centers in Sanlta Ana will help you leave behind your destructive lifestyle and live a normal life once again.

  • SMART Recovery Meetings — SMART Recovery is an alternative to the 12-step process employed by AA Santa Ana and NA Santa Ana. They are similar in the sense of the peer support you can get when you attend the sessions. You will be assured that any information you share will be confidential. The main difference is that instead of relying on a higher power to help you quit drugs or alcohol, the program focuses more on self-motivation.
  • Non 12 step rehab in Santa Ana – This is another alternative to Santa Ana AA meetings because the principle is non-secular. The answer to quitting drugs or alcohol lies within you and not a higher power. The good thing about all these methods, however, is that it gives the patients a wide range of options to find something they are most comfortable with.
  • Dual diagnosis rehab in Santa Ana – Dual diagnosis treatments are crucial because the condition of some patients is more complicated for traditional rehab. Co-occurring conditions typically take longer to address. It’s not uncommon for residents of Santa Ana rehabilitation centers to stay in the inpatient rehab for six months or more compared to a typical rehab which lasts from one month to three months.
  • Luxury rehab in Santa Ana Luxury rehabs are the way to go if you can afford them. This is the treatment method of choice by celebrities because they don’t sacrifice the little indulgences and luxuries they are accustomed to. You will stay in a resort-like facility with complete amenities. You will also stay in a private room and in some instances, have your own butler. However, the treatment protocols comply with the standards set by the city or state.
  • Medical detox Santa Ana – It’s rare for any addicted individual to kick the habit on the strength of will alone and without the help of a detox center Santa Ana. As long as drugs or alcohol is still in your system, your body and mind will always fall back to the default level, which is to give in to the cravings. This is why detox in Santa Ana is necessary, so you can flush out all the toxins from your body.

Also, after-care programs like Alcoholics anonymous Santa Ana and Narcotics Anonymous Santa Ana play a key role in helping rehab graduates commit to the treatment methods to achieve life-long sobriety. Rehab centers Santa Ana also offer relapse prevention programs so patients will know their triggers.

Payment for California Rehab Facilities

A substance abuse treatment in California is not cheap, but it doesn’t mean it’s not affordable. There are creative ways for you to cover the cost of treatment of the rehab. Among these are:

  • Insurance
  • In-house easy-to-pay programs
  • Non-profits and charities
  • Religious organizations
  • The Affordable Care Act opened a new door for addicted individuals to seek treatment. Prior to Obamacare, the insurance premium for a California drug rehab was very prohibitive. Your insurance company would also likely reject you if you have a prior mental condition. Fortunately, those days are gone.Contact our insurance verification team.Drug and alcohol addiction splits families and destroys lives. Don’t delay help and contact treatment centers in Santa Ana right away so you can get the relief you need from the substance abuse problem.
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