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Garden Grove, also known as “The City of Youth and Ambition”, is located in the state of California and part of Orange County. In 2017, the city of Garden Grove had an estimated population of 174,226 making it the 5th largest city in Orange County and 29th largest city in the state of California.

An increasing number of substance abuse cases has been observed in the United States for the past years. The state of California is one of the unfortunate places dealing with alcohol and drug problems. With drug and alcohol problems in the state, there is a need for alcohol rehab Garden Grove and drug rehab centers in Garden Grove. Drug and alcohol users and addicts can go to Garden Grove drug rehab centers or alcohol treatment centers Garden Grove to receive the treatment that they require to recover from addiction.

Commonly Abused Drugs in Garden Grove, CA

Orange County is ranked third, with 1,050 recorded deaths, among the counties in California with the most number of drug overdose deaths per 100,000 population between the years of 2012 to 2014.

In a survey conducted by Orange County in 2012, it was found that the most commonly used drug among adults aged 18 and older in Orange County was marijuana, where 33% or about 758,000 people admitted having used it in their lifetime. This was followed by cocaine with 13% or 301,000 users, hallucinogens with 9% or 212,000 users, methamphetamine with 6% or 142,000 users. It was also found that prescription drugs, especially pain relievers, were misused by about 5% or 125,000 people.

The use and misuse of drugs can have harmful consequences to the users. Users are also at risk of addiction and overdose. Luckily, there are numerous treatments offered at Garden Grove drug rehab centers that can help users recover from addiction and prevent overdose. Drug rehab in Garden Grove is a safe place where users can learn to stay clear from drugs and other substances. Those who wish to recover from drug addiction and regain their life should immediately seek help at a drug rehab Garden Grove.

Alcohol is another commonly abused substance as reported in the same survey conducted by Orange County. Like drugs, alcohol consumption also has negative effects on the body. Addiction and continuous intake, especially in large quantities, can increase the risk of overdose. The prevalence of alcohol consumption in County Orange is very high. As reported in the survey, 80% of adults which is approximately 1,862,000 people, have consumed alcohol at least once in their lifetime. In 2016, 16% of adults aged 18 and older were reported to binge or drink heavily in Orange County. About 251 cases of alcohol-impaired driving deaths between 2012 to 2016 in Orange County were also reported. Garden Grove rehab facilities for alcohol addiction are also available and accessible for those who wish to seek treatment. Similar to Garden Grove rehab centers for drug addiction, alcohol rehabs in Garden Grove offer different treatment approaches for an individual’s unique case.

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Substance Use among College Students in Garden Grove, CA

The previous survey has also shown that a number of college students aged 18 to 24 are using drugs. Orange County has prevention programs for the community and school-based agencies. Federal laws that require colleges and universities to carry out substance abuse prevention programs in colleges are also implemented. On-campus counseling is provided for students who are suffering from alcohol or drug abuse. Campuses may also refer students to rehab facilities, Garden Grove.

Rehab centers in Garden Grove provide treatment for anyone who is dealing with addiction, including college students. It is also important that friends and families offer support to the youth. Those suffering from addiction should immediately be guided to rehab centers, Garden Grove.

Types of Treatments Available in Garden Grove Rehabilitation Centers

Cases of substance abuse are unique for each individual. Different users struggle with different challenges. Treating addiction also calls for approaches that are unique for each individual. At a facility which offers substance abuse treatment Garden Grove, various treatment approaches are offered to resolve the issues of the patient. Garden Grove rehab may include these treatment approaches:

  • Detox –Detox Garden Grove is a process where toxic substances are flushed out of the patient’s body to eliminate physical dependency for the substance. During detox, patients can undergo withdrawal symptoms that are dangerous and life-threatening. For a safe and comfortable process, this should be done at a detox center Garden Grove. In a medical detox Garden Grove, doctors and nurses can also supervise patients and provide medications that can relieve withdrawal symptoms.
  • 12 Step – The 12 step program is found to be an effective treatment. In this program, spirituality and religion serve as the key to recovery. NA and AA Garden Grove use the 12 step program in their treatment.
  • Non 12 Step – Most patients prefer a science-based and non-secular treatment approach. Non 12 step rehab in Garden Grove such as cognitive behavior therapy, motivational enhancements, or SMART Recovery Meetings in Garden Grove.
  • Dual Diagnosis – Oftentimes, addiction and mental illnesses occur together. Dual diagnosis rehab in Garden Grove can offer an effective treatment that solves both the problems with addiction as well as mental disorders.
  • Luxury Rehabs – Specialty rehab facilities in Garden Grove can provide the special environment patients need for recovery. Luxury rehab in Garden Grove provides patients with a beautiful environment which gives a calming effect.

Individuals with substance use disorder can also join alcoholics anonymous Garden Grove and narcotics anonymous Garden Grove. NA and AA meetings Garden Grove can be attended by individuals with or without drug or alcohol addiction. Open AA and NA meetings in Garden Grove can be attended by addicts and their loved one who wish to show support, while closed Garden Grove AA meetings and NA meetings are only intended for addicts to protect their privacy.

Paying for Rehab in Garden Grove

Recovering at rehabilitation facilities in Garden Grove will cost you some money. Treatment centers in Garden Grove can be paid through insurance. If you wish to pay Garden Grove treatment center through insurance, you must first verify your insurance coverage and benefits with the company or through the chosen rehab center Garden Grove. Other payment options include:

  • Loans from family and friends
  • Personal Savings
  • Government insurance such as Medicaid/Medicare
  • Installment plans

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