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Eureka, California is home to the Redwood National Park, the Fern Canyon, the William Carson Mansion, the Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum, and to Eureka’s historic old town.Despite this city’s grand exterior, there is a recurrent problem that has long been devastating the local authorities and residents. The city has not been spared from the substance abuse epidemic.

In the May 9, 2018 issue of the New York Times, it was revealed that most town visitors refer to Eureka as a zombie stricken town that has become a nightmare. Drug needles compete with homeless people in populating the city streets.

Most Abused Drugs in Eureka, CA

In a separate New York Times article, the heroin and the opioid crisis in Eureka were discussed in detail by citing that in Humboldt County, the death rate related to opioid has grown 5 times bigger compared to the national average. The greatest contributor to this increasing death rate, as provided in the same article, is the increasing population of homeless people who are found to be vulnerable to substance abuse.

Although intravenous drugs have been a long-time problem in Eureka, the New York Times revealed that users of methamphetamine are now turning towards other opioid drugs and heroin. The even sadder news is that the incidences of heroin-related deaths and overdoses affect all types of people in the community, not only those who are homeless, or poverty stricken.

Substance Abuse Among College Students in Eureka

The drug and alcohol problem in Eureka is something that cannot be denied.

Here are some substance abuse statistics of California colleges and universities that are also affecting Eureka:

  • In terms of on-campus drug arrests, California belonged to the lower ranks among colleges and universities in the United States, not even reaching the top 50 universities with the most number of on-campus drug arrests for every 1,000 students.
  • In terms of college campus drug arrests versus illicit substance use, California also belonged to the bottom 10 of the top 50 states which has the most incidences of illicit substances used for every 1,000 students. Specifically, California garnered the 43rd rank.
  • In terms of illicit drug use among people age 18 to 25 years old, California gathered 22.05 to 25.51 percent of users belonging to the said age bracket.

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Treatments for Substance Abuse in Eureka Treatment Center

There are various types of treatments offered by Eureka drug rehab for patients seeking help for their substance abuse problem. Some of these treatments offered by Eureka drug rehab centers and rehab facilities Eureka are the following:

  • Medical Detox Eureka: In most centers for substance abuse treatment Eureka, detox Eureka is considered as a step prior to actual treatment in rehab centers Eureka. Then again, though not necessarily a mandatory pre-requisite, detox treatment in detox center Eureka is facilitated to help the patients clear their bodies from the chemicals and toxic substances they have taken in. This is to make them physically ready for treatment.

Non-12 Step Rehab: For patients who are not comfortable with the teachings and approaches of groups like the AA Eureka or NA Eureka, this treatment program offered in drug rehab in Eureka is ideal. Here, instead of adhering to the help and mercy of a higher power, the patients are taught the value of responsibility, accountability, and willpower in recovering from addiction.

  • Dual Diagnosis Rehab: This treatment type offered from a rehab in Eureka is ideal for patients suffering from addiction and from a co-occurring mental condition. Both conditions are treated at the same time, thereby, getting to the bottom of the patient’s addiction issue.
  • Luxury Rehab: This option for treatment by some Eureka rehab is ideal for those who want to want better and more amenities compared to other rehab facilities. Also, in this facility, activities like yoga and massage therapy are available. There are also on-site chefs who can cook for you. As the name suggests, you will have a more luxurious experience compared to other types of addiction rehab.

Aside from these treatment types offered by rehabs in Eureka, the patient can also join SMART Recovery meetings in Eureka, Alcoholics Anonymous Eureka (AA meetings Eureka), alcohol treatments centers Eureka, and Narcotics Anonymous Eureka (NA Eureka).

Paying for Treatment in California

Most patients who struggle from substance abuse refuse treatment from California rehab centers not because they don’t want to get help, but more because they cannot afford to pay for treatment. The good news is, regardless of your financial condition, treatment for addiction can be attained from various treatment centers in California.

Private funding is one way of paying for rehab. However, if you can’t afford this, you can opt to ask for loans from family and friends. Aside from the aforementioned, here are other ways to pay for rehab in CA:

  • Private health insurance
  • Employment insurance
  • Loan money from your friends or family
  • Personal savings
  • Government insurance including Medicaid and Medicare

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