It’s easy to feel miserable and helpless when you are going through challenges. It is in these difficult times that you feel like it’s better to give up and just accept defeat. When you are down, you won’t find things to be thankful for which will result in hopelessness and depression.

These negative feelings are even stronger when one is going through addiction, treatment, and recovery. Though your loved ones would tell you to be strong and not to worry because they’re supporting you every step of the way, it’s never easy when we’re all alone with our thoughts.

A study conducted by Yale University revealed that it is during addiction recovery that an individual becomes most vulnerable to depression and emotional relapse. In recovery, a person is not totally free from addiction, since sobriety is a lifelong commitment. This thought might be too overwhelming for a person in recovery, thus, making him or her fall easier in depression and relapse.

To avoid this, it is important that individuals learn to develop a positive thought process. If they learn to look at the good and not the bad, they. will learn to enjoy the process rather than look at the road to sobriety as a burden that should be avoided.

How do we cultivate a positive mindset in such difficult situations? The answer is to simply develop an attitude of gratitude. Find things to be thankful for, no matter how small, and focus on that. If you find it difficult to focus on the good not the bad, try faking it for 21 straight days and on the 22nd day, you’ll be amazed how you have completely shifted your negative paradigm.

To help you find things to be thankful for, read on and be merry.

Be Thankful for the Fact that You are Still Breathing

Morbid as it may sound, it is a fact that there are a lot of people who accidentally or willfully ended their lives because of substance abuse. If after this dark episode of your life, you find yourself physically well, then that’s one great reason to be thankful.

Having Friends and Loved Ones that Accept You Unconditionally

Another reason to be thankful for when in recovery is the fact that you are surrounded by people who love you and are supportive of you. If they believe that you deserve a better life and a better future, all the more you should strive harder to help yourself become addiction free and be sober for the rest of your life.

Not everyone has people who are willing to help them bounce back from addiction, so if your loved ones are with you all through your battle with drugs, then you are very lucky. That’s one of the best things to be thankful for.

Praise Yourself for Taking the Courage to Admit You Need Help

The third among the long list of things to be thankful for is for having that courage to finally come clean, admit to your addiction, and finally taking the steps to be healed.

They say that’s the most difficult thing in addiction, to wake up and admit to yourself that you gave in to drugs or alcohol and that you want to get out of it and be healed.

Owning up to our mistakes is not very easy. Humans have this need to look good and be right, and as part of this “to look good” need, we often times hide our flaws and imperfections to avoid being judged. Hence, if you mustered the courage to show that you’re vulnerable, then you really have to commend yourself for that. Give yourself a pat on the back for finally deciding to give up on drugs.

Be Thankful for Finding the Right People to Help You Bounce Back from Addiction

Not everyone gets treatment for addiction. Sadly, according to an article published by, more than 10% of Americans age 12 years and above don’t get the treatment they need. This includes more than 96% that believe that they don’t need treatment at all. If they don’t get treatment and they continue to abuse drugs and other illicit substances, it won’t be long that these people will get sick or will die from a drug overdose.

Now, if you found the help you need at the time you needed it, then that’s one of many great things to be thankful for. It only means you just earn an equally great chance to redeem yourself, improve your life, and reclaim your future.

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