Football Party Ideas for the Sober Living

Football season has already started, and some people are now gearing up with their team shirts and hats. At a season of such high spirits, how can one stay sober? Here are some ideas to recreate if you want an alcohol-free football party.

When it comes to sports seasons, nothing compares to football in the USA. Foreigners often wonder why Americans love football so much, but it often is more than just being plain fans of each team.

Football also means representation. It represents where one grew up as a kid, or what one calls home. We become fans of a team not only because we love them, but because the teams we love represent us. With something so meaningful and sentimental, yet so wildly rabid at some instances, Americans will definitely celebrate the season to various football parties. Despite the camaraderie it brings, it can be a potential danger for those who are wanting to stay sober.

The Dilemma of Staying Sober During Football Parties

The main ingredients of football parties are a bunch of high-calorie snacks, a rack of beers, a wide-screen TV, and crowd gathered to have a good time. This can be very problematic to those who want to stay away from alcohol because drinks can be readily accessed.

In other instances, friends and family may pressure you to drink in “celebration” if your favorite team has won. The environmental and social pressures of being in football parties makes a person in recovery very vulnerable. However, there is a way to modify football parties to make it family friendly, sober living friendly, and enjoyable to all.

Here are some of great football party ideas you can do at home.

Alcohol-Free Football Party Ideas

Mexican food night with sparkling cider

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? They’re quick, affordable, and easy to prepare. To create your own Mexican spread, simply prepare the common ingredients in large containers. For example, prepare flavored rice, black beans, guacamole, shredded chicken, ground beef, Pico de Gallo, cheese, and other toppings in separate aluminum trays as you wish.

After spreading your ingredients, place hard taco shells, soft taco shells, nachos and tortilla wraps at the beginning of your spread. People can pick their own ingredients and if they want to make tacos, tortillas, burritos, or a Mexican bowl. Mexican food tastes great with sparkling cider to celebrate with your friends and family. The refreshingly sweet and fizzy drink can be a great way to still enjoy the games and while staying sober.

As an additional bonus, you can also create your own churros from this recipe to complete your Mexican spread.

Backyard barbecue party with ginger ale

Backyard parties give a laid-back vibe that most people want if they’re spending cool afternoons outdoors. Barbecues can be even more satisfying with alcohol-free drinks such as ginger ale for a contrast of sweet, tangy, and savory.

To make your own backyard barbecue party, make sure that you have enough outdoor sitting. If you have a doorway to your patio area, you can simply open it up to accomodate more guests indoors and outdoors. You can ask your friends and family to bring in the grill meats that they would like, or you can be a generous host and prepare them on your own.

The best and easiest ones to make are hotdogs, sausages, burgers, pork chops and beef ribs. For pork chops and beef ribs, you can make them tastier by soaking them in a marinade of barbecue sauce, minced garlic, smoked paprika, brown sugar, vinegar, and olive oil. This makes a sweet-savory combination that’s just perfect with sides such as mashed potatoes, corn, or coleslaw.

Games usually start in the afternoons, so you can start grilling around that time and entertain your guests until the evening.

Football cookie swap

Who says that football is just about heavy snacks and fizzy drinks? Here’s another great ideas for the moms and youngsters who want to be part of the football party season. You can invite your friends and family for a football-themed cookie swap.

A cookie swap is done by baking medium to large batches of cookies, usually around 10-20 pieces each, and trading them with friends and family for their cookies. By the end of the party, you will be getting an assortment of cookies for your family to enjoy.

Some nice ideas for a football themed cookie swap are football-shaped sugar cookies, jelly-filled cookies with your favorite team color, or gingerbread football players. This can be a fun idea to start working on if you have kids so they can also participate.

Video game night

Football isn’t just confined to watching it on TV. In fact, you can play a football-themed game as a starter to have fun with your friends and family. You may already have a console at home, or if not, you can ask a friend to host the venue if they have a console.

You can play the classics from this list, or you can purchase the latest Madden series. Playing video games can help bring a sense of excitement and anticipation if you have guests who have different favorite teams. Although the football games won’t actually depict the scores in the NFL, it will at least bring consolation to those who want to make their favorite team to win.

Pizza football party with cola drinks

When all else fails, you can never go wrong with pizza. If you’re thinking of ways to enjoy a football party without making too much preparations, you can easily ask for a delivery pizza for your family and friends. Don’t forget to add the fizzy drinks to keep your refreshed. For a healthier alternative, you can substitute cola products with flavored sparkling water mixed with stevia.

If you want something from scratch, you can make your own football-themed pizzas by using your toppings to get creative. For example, you can make your favorite team player’s number using pepperoni slices. You can even go as far as creating a football pizza art by using various colors of toppings such as olives, bell peppers, mushrooms, and cheese.

Alcohol-Free at a Football Party? Yes it’s Possible!

These are just a few suggestions to make a sober football party, but the possibilities are endless. With just a tad bit of creativity, you can easily make a fun football party sans the alcoholic beverages. Doing this can ensure that football season can turn from a triggering moment to a time that can easily be incorporated into your relapse prevention plan.

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